Many times, you spend the entire day reading lengthy agreements received from your vendors/customers, the entire night reviewing them and send them out by morning to your In-house Legal department with a heading in the e-mail that “Please see and comment”. The perfect internal review of Legal department rarely ever happens. Often, because in the capacity of owner of a big real estate corporate house we believe that our role is completed by flooding our In house Legal department’s inbox with e- mails and then sending periodic chasers. The In house Legal department’s work is complete by copy-pasting provisions from the old formats. The most common to such drafts are overly lengthy content, excessive references to provisions and statutes and irrelevant annexures. And their head is just someone who stays back to stare at the employee’s screen to watch copy-paste drama at its best and all in the name of “ Reviewing & Vetting”. And from these copy paste drafts we the owner of the company feels that we can sleep better at night. But can you really blame them? The answer is No. It is also correct that this is not the case with all In house Legal department of real estate sector. There are some truly brilliant employees in many of the real estate houses. But It’s just sad that they’re the exception and not the rule. Being an Advocate and having a vast experience of giving Legal consultancy to Real estate corporate houses particularly in the Real Estate sphere of Rajasthan, which I gained during my 12 years working with Major giants of Real Estates, I decided to open up this platform which will cater all Legal Needs of a Real Estate Corporate House in the ambit of latest acts, Rules, bye laws, notifications, and current real estate market scenario. Availing my services, Builders and Developers do not have to go to different places for different Legal support, rather they do not have to be totally dependent on their In house Legal department for vital issues and related work. My clients usually get every kind of Legal support done under one roof and moreover I am enjoying in applying my extensive legal consultancy skills to the Real Estate Sector.


Kapil Sharma

(B.Sc, LL.B, LL.M)

Advocate and Legal Consultant For Land & Real Estate.